Definition of power-assisted in English:



  • (especially of steering or brakes in a motor vehicle) using an inanimate source of power to assist manual operation.

    ‘it now has power-assisted steering fitted as standard’
    • ‘The 2.0-litre features electro-hydraulic power-assisted steering while the 1.6 has simple hydraulic power-assist.’
    • ‘Once on the move, the first thing that impresses is how responsive the power-assisted steering is, feeling quicker than its three turns lock to lock would suggest and conferring a decent level of communication from the front wheels.’
    • ‘The hybrid truck is equipped with electric power-assisted steering as a traditional belt-driven hydraulic system wouldn't work while the engine was shut down at idle.’
    • ‘The SPORT button doesn't disable the electronically controlled, speed-related, power-assisted steering; it just adjusts the response.’
    • ‘In addition, the power-assisted steering doesn't get all wishy-washy so the driver can feel what the front wheels are doing.’
    • ‘Standard fittings include an electric full-length retractable roof, four electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking with deadlocks, a CD player and variable power-assisted steering.’
    • ‘The electrical power-assisted steering works well, making parking easy around town, yet firm and direct enough for motorways when the wind is blowing.’
    • ‘The suspension provides a nice combination of comfort and performance levels, the seats are firm and supportive, while the electric variable power-assisted steering ensures the car responds promptly to every twist and turn.’
    • ‘However, the power-assisted steering helped.’
    • ‘The power-assisted steering is nicely weighed and quite direct, and cornering is easy.’
    • ‘To further enhance the driving experience, the power-assisted steering system has a newly developed steering gearbox that gives a more direct feel.’
    • ‘The standard variable power-assisted steering makes for one of the tightest turning circles in its class.’
    • ‘The power-assisted steering works very well, offering the right amount of assistance at different speeds.’
    • ‘Steering is through a power-assisted rack and pinion system.’
    • ‘There's engine-speed-sensitive, power-assisted rack and pinion steering.’
    • ‘It also has the latest type of anti-lock brakes with an electronic system for distributing braking force, and power-assisted emergency braking.’
    • ‘The ten-speed transmission has power-assisted mechanical gear shifting.’
    • ‘I bought a power-assisted micro-manipulation machine specially to use on him.’
    • ‘With a simple DC motor that powers a belt transmission on the rear tire, you can use this as a pedaled bike or as a power-assisted vehicle.’
    • ‘The ponytailed man at the security desk pressed a button at his console and the power-assisted doors opened.’