Definition of power pole in English:

power pole


  • A pole, mast, or tower that carries electric wires.

    • ‘As people snapped photographs of the bears, one of the cubs touched a high-voltage wire on a power pole in the parking lot and electrocuted itself.’
    • ‘My responsibility was for the wires from the power pole to my house.’
    • ‘I have been lying awake waiting for branches to come crashing through our front window, or a power pole to topple and electricity to arc across the road, or even our roof to be peeled away leaving us exposed like a tin of sardines.’
    • ‘The power pole emits a small electrical charge whenever a condor attempts to land on it.’
    • ‘It needs to know the location of every power pole in four counties, as well as all installed or planned underground lines.’
    • ‘It usually took him less than an hour to dive-bomb a fish and return to his power pole to eat it, snapping his wings at the squadron of tiny sparrows trying to herd him away from their forest nests in a defensive maneuver called mobbing.’
    • ‘Police say a passenger grabbed the steering wheel from the driver, causing the bus to crash into a tree and power pole.’
    • ‘I asked him to dig a hole for a power pole and not to stop till I came back with the cement.’
    • ‘I have been a frequent visitor over many years, and have been dismayed to see on my last two visits a proliferation of ugly signs on every power pole in the main street, and on every side street.’
    • ‘The truck knocked over two power poles and smashed into three vehicles between Marine Drive and Bellevue Street, before hitting a third power pole and flipping on its side.’
    • ‘The impact knocked over a power pole, crushed two backyard fences, severely damaged one house and crushed the rear of his garage.’
    • ‘‘The problem is that it takes about three hours to replace a power pole and this one had a transformer on it,’ he said.’
    • ‘She began to swerve and ended up colliding with a power pole.’
    • ‘He sat still, hands icy cold and clasped tight together as the car veered off the road, hit a power pole and spun, flipping in the air.’
    • ‘In an attempt to avoid an oncoming car, the driver then claimed to have veered right, mounted the curb and came to rest after hitting the power pole.’
    • ‘The police car was heavily damaged as it was shunted off the road, smashing through a large sign and thumping head-on into a power pole.’
    • ‘Their huge nests were plonked atop every power pole and chimney.’
    • ‘The car flipped onto its roof before colliding with the power pole.’
    • ‘He had tried to escape from the institution by climbing a power pole which resulted in him suffering disfiguring burns.’
    • ‘He had steadied himself beside a power pole about 50 metres away, waiting for Jack to come out of the house.’