Definition of power train in English:

power train


  • 1The mechanism that transmits the drive from the engine of a vehicle to its axle.

    ‘You want this in hydraulic systems and in transmissions, axles, and other elements of the power train.’
    • ‘These include models of automobile braking and electrical circuits, operation of the power train and various fuel injection techniques.’
    • ‘‘The other major efficiency change with the machine is that we've gone to an electronic power train,’ he continues.’
    • ‘This oil analysis will provide clues to any deteriorating engine, power train or hydraulic conditions.’
    • ‘This trend is driven by the needs of the automotive manufacturers to substantially reduce weight of the power train and chassis components.’
    • ‘If you add a power train or a turbo boost, you've automatically improved it.’
    • ‘By marrying an electric motor with a conventional power train, hybrids save money at the pump, reduce consumption of foreign oil, cut tailpipe emissions, and maybe even give the car's performance an extra kick.’
    • ‘Do things that force them to shake off their old image of us; give them pause to consider that we've changed in every way - from our power train to our interior ergonomics.’
    • ‘Its instruments can be found throughout an automobile's power train and chassis, even measuring the weight of a passenger so that air bags inflate properly.’
    • ‘Outfitted with a fully electric power train, most of the car - everything but its prime mover - looks like a giant electrical appliance.’
    • ‘Unfortunately this new power train did not fit within the confines of the chassis and it was obvious a major re-think was required.’
    • ‘Two or three times a year we should introduce a limited version with a unique color, a different look and new power train, and do it in a region so you can get some marketing behind it.’
    • ‘While the 1.3-litre micro range holds the majority of sales, demand has developed for micro cars with a slightly larger power train.’
    • ‘For versatility and performance it has two power trains and electronically controlled All Wheel Drive system.’
    • ‘One of the most difficult manufacturing issues to overcome was how to install power trains for both front and rear-wheel drive Transits on a common production line.’
    • ‘It's the most promising technology for future cars' power trains.’
    • ‘These companies have to look 25 years ahead, because that's how long it takes to get new models and new power trains from development stage to the showroom.’
    • ‘Despite its opulent equipment, enormous luxuriously appointed interiors, terrific power trains, and strong build, it lost out on a price tag too few people could aspire to in Ireland.’
    1. 1.1The power train, the engine, and the axle considered collectively.


power train

/ˈpou(ə)r ˌtrān/ /ˈpaʊ(ə)r ˌtreɪn/