Definition of power trip in English:

power trip


  • A self-aggrandizing quest for ever-increasing control over others.

    ‘He stressed: ‘We are not control freaks and we are not on a power trip, but the case that we want to put to the Executive would undoubtedly be stronger if we were all united under one body.’’
    • ‘I knew I was called to ministry, not as a power trip, but as an agent of God's transforming love for this world (at least on my best days).’
    • ‘But who in the West wants that - it's just the old colonialist-imperialist power trip, isn't it?’
    • ‘They're kind of on a power trip and they just really don't want you there.’
    • ‘I just believe that he was merely a man with a mission that later led to him being on a power trip.’
    • ‘Shaking slightly at the adrenaline rush pushing her onwards, she realized that she really wanted this job and wasn't going to back down from some too bold coffee jerk on a power trip because he owned said establishment.’
    • ‘When I started to come off of my power trip, I said, ‘Ow.’’
    • ‘In two weeks, we'll bring you the individuals who are on a perpetual power trip - the 100 biggest movers, shakers and decision-makers in sports.’
    • ‘This woman sounds like she's on a huge power trip at your expense, and you're both using the polite fiction that it's a introvert/extrovert thing to avoid dealing with it.’
    • ‘However, the biggest danger faced by companies that are under assault by change agents isn't either of those grouchiness symptoms; it's the power trip.’
    • ‘To some, police work is a calling and a passion; to others, it's a power trip; but to many, it is just a job, a paycheck, a path toward retirement with a pension.’
    • ‘He charms the main character into trusting him, only to turn on a dime of deception for his own personal power trip.’
    • ‘He says he hasn't got sick of acting - he shouldn't be; plum parts invariably have his name on them - and directing doesn't seem to be a power trip for him.’
    • ‘Is it the power trip that ultimately drives him… excessively so?’
    • ‘Assuming confidentiality is just part of the power trip.’
    • ‘If he needs to feel like a spring chicken again and you are on some power trip, you are most definitely writing to the wrong advice expert.’
    • ‘This was not on the same level of power trip I received from a barman in Australia a year ago and another barman in Chatham, Cape Cod this week.’
    • ‘Or maybe I'm just getting off on the whole narcissistic power trip.’
    • ‘Maybe it's altruism, maybe it's a power trip, but influencing other people feels good.’
    • ‘I am not on a power trip, but I want to do something to improve the hurling situation in the county.’