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  • 1The action of switching on an electrical device, especially a computer.

    ‘This self-calibration under power-up conditions keeps the performance optimised over the life of the sensor.’
    • ‘The controlled power up helps prevent supply glitches during power-up and also prevents excessive dissipation.’
    • ‘In the past, the operating system only had to search for the various devices connected to it on power-up, and once seen, the device would never go away.’
    • ‘Our new sensor-less motor driver uses current pulse probing to initialize the motor after power-up.’
    • ‘For initialization on power-up when a tape is present, the method of pulse probing still can be used, but we must be careful not to spin the motors.’
    • ‘Upon power-up of the serializer, the engineer can choose to activate the synchronization mode or allow the deserializer to use the lock-to-random-data feature.’
    • ‘The drive is instantly recognized and ready to go on power-up.’
    • ‘Engineers will now begin a 12-month period of launch processing and power-up testing ahead of a possible flight in late 2006.’
    • ‘At initial power-up after a machine has been physically reconfigured, the machine adjusts its own machine model.’
    1. 1.1(in a video game) a bonus that a player can collect and that gives their character an advantage, such as more strength or firepower.
      ‘To this end, the game features special bonuses and power-ups for advanced players to explore.’
      • ‘To help keep these assaults from getting out of hand there are a couple of very handy dandy power-ups that players can collect in their travels through the levels.’
      • ‘There will be plenty of bonuses and power-ups to collect on the way.’
      • ‘What sorts of power-ups will players be able to collect?’
      • ‘Reaching target scores, collecting time power-ups and completing objectives help to extend the available time.’
      • ‘Staying on course is even more difficult because gamers must also veer to collect power-ups and rings (100 rings will grant an extra life).’
      • ‘‘Chameleon’ refers to the power-ups that can be collected throughout the game.’
      • ‘It didn't have platforming, nor did you fly around in spaceships while collecting power-ups and blowing things up, and it wasn't even a big head baseball game.’
      • ‘Runnning through the streets of Liberty City, you discover little bonuses like power-ups for health and armour, as well as the unnerving ability to give someone a good whack.’
      • ‘Each character controls differently and power-ups affect them individually, making old levels new again and new levels particularly refreshing.’
      • ‘There are a few weapon power-ups to be collected, the most useful being the spread shot, which sprays out three projectiles per shot.’
      • ‘Players now have additional power-ups to achieve massive pileups.’
      • ‘Players can also acquire power-ups by reaching out with their hands and grabbing them during the game.’
      • ‘Weapon balance is good and there are several different power-ups to collect.’
      • ‘Luckily there are plenty of power-ups to collect, including water and fire modifications to sweep your foes aside.’
      • ‘These power-ups are collected when you kill an enemy or come across a new area in order to discover a coloured can.’
      • ‘What are some of the weapons and power-ups players will be able to get during a race?’
      • ‘Once you win a battle, there is a wealth of bounty to collect and occasionally some power-ups.’
      • ‘Obstacles hamper your progress and there are a large amount of power-ups to collect.’
      • ‘It boils down to a race to the finish and the addition of new multiplayer power-ups helps to keep the action interesting.’



/ˈpou(ə)r əp/ /ˈpaʊ(ə)r əp/