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nombresustantivo plural practicalities

  • 1The quality or state of being practical.

    ‘there are still major doubts about the practicality of the proposal’
    • ‘And they did speak, asking for more quality, more utility and more practicality.’
    • ‘The value and practicality of disinfecting methods in the video were also questioned.’
    • ‘Lace-up boots became even more popular, valued now for their practicality.’
    • ‘Its comfort and practicality made it the ideal utility garment.’
    • ‘Now she finds their practicality perfect for wet London days.’
    • ‘This is a kind of huge practicality, a hard-headed balancing act.’
    • ‘You'll find that practicality, safety and reliability are paramount to us.’
    • ‘They see it as overly commercial on one hand, but they appreciate its practicality on the other.’
    • ‘At their best, they bring a healthy dose of hands-on practicality to their efforts.’
    • ‘Basically, our lack of support is largely administrative in nature, and is a policy based on practicality from our point of view.’
    • ‘For simultaneous decoration and practicality, hang bulletin boards to pin up paper and pictures.’
    • ‘And if practicality is your wont rather than sentimentality, you should still go.’
    • ‘No matter how beautiful something looks, we always question its practicality.’
    • ‘Many would agree with its desirability but most would question its practicality.’
    • ‘She uses a good dose of common sense and everyday practicality.’
    • ‘The 60: 40 split rear seats offer a further quantum leap forward in terms of everyday, easy-to-use practicality.’
    • ‘But there's gotta be a way to combine practicality and hope.’
    • ‘Combined practicality and authority may also be seen in doctors' white coats and policemen's helmets.’
    • ‘Why is the sheer practicality of plastic so seductive?’
    • ‘Cost is usually a big factor in considering practicality of an alternative energy source.’
    feasibility, possibility, practicability, viability, workability
    functionalism, functionality, serviceability
    common sense, sense, realism, pragmatism, matter-of-factness
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  • 2practicalitiesThe aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas.

    ‘the practicalities of living at sea’
    • ‘There are principles and practicalities involved, as well as a need for pastoral wisdom.’
    • ‘In short, students get a hands-on experience of the practicalities that they will have to deal with after they graduate.’
    • ‘These pluralistic relations must be based on practicalities rather than sentiments.’
    • ‘But in any war over ideas, symbols matter as much as practicalities and foundation hospitals have thus become totemic.’
    • ‘Usually I give an answer in terms of practicalities rather than which language or literature is the better one.’
    • ‘For obvious reasons, the practicalities involved in trying an entire community made proceedings impossible.’
    • ‘The main reason that I oppose this bill is as much from the practicalities that are involved as from anything else.’
    • ‘But can I just, very briefly, deal with the principle, because the practicalities of this would need to be worked out.’
    • ‘Politics needs to be about principles as well as practicalities.’
    • ‘He started working as a location scout and a runner which gave him invaluable experience and insight into the practicalities of the business.’
    • ‘It would have been nice to get a full live orchestra playing along to the film as it was playing, but practicalities no doubt get in the way of such overblown ideas.’
    • ‘I am talking more in terms of the practicalities of this and similar situations.’
    • ‘I feel it is an unnecessary invasion of privacy, but let us look at the realities and practicalities.’
    • ‘Health reform starts with principles and must then consider practicalities.’
    • ‘At this stage, concentrate upon identifying as many ideas as possible without worrying about the practicalities.’
    • ‘But Sir Donald said the actual timing would depend on getting the practicalities right.’
    • ‘That's even before we get to the practicalities of a ban: what about history books or works of art?’
    • ‘The designer takes everyday usage practicalities, future growth potential and multi-use possibilities into consideration when creating your final design.’
    • ‘Before we give in to the hype, we need to consider the practicalities.’
    • ‘The proof of principle was complete; it was time to consider practicalities.’
    practical details, mechanics
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/ˌpraktəˈkalədē/ /ˌpræktəˈkælədi/