Definition of practicum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpraktəkəm/ /ˈpræktəkəm/


North American
  • A practical section of a course of study.

    ‘a teaching practicum is included’
    • ‘In spring 1994 he failed a graduate student who, he alleges, attended only three of fifteen classes in a practicum education course.’
    • ‘In the third semester, students complete studies in career applications and group work, complete a practicum, and continue in the school counseling seminar.’
    • ‘This article describes their journey, which I, as a teacher educator with practicum students in the kindergarten classrooms, was fortunate to witness.’
    • ‘Should a teaching practicum or course be an option for Ph.D. students in agricultural economics?’
    • ‘As part of their degree program, students do a practicum in the local schools, usually during their senior year.’
    • ‘The practicum students studied and discussed the transcripts and drawings as they planned other experiences with him and his classmates.’
    • ‘The practicum students and teachers observed the children as they studied his drawings and as the children recorded entries in their journals.’
    • ‘The practicum enables the student educators to do everything from running staff meetings to ordering supplies.’
    • ‘In the Fall 2002 semester, a group of graduate students in a practicum on the teaching of composition had nearly the same debate.’
    • ‘The first time I asked myself who the art belonged to, I was completing my student practicum by assisting an art-education teacher in an early morning childcare program at an elementary school.’
    • ‘Think of lifelong learning as the password to the education treadmill, not as a practicum in the life of the mind.’
    • ‘In addition to the required teaching analysis class, dancers have the option of focusing on pedagogy and completing a teaching practicum at the university-affiliated dance academy.’
    • ‘How important is the motivation of the student in determining whether a practicum is community service?’
    • ‘I explained that their training requirements automatically exclude homeschooling parents, who are unable to conduct practicums in classrooms.’
    • ‘Early in the intermediate course, students select one child in their practicum classroom for focused observation.’
    • ‘For example, the practicum students noted how the teaching strategies were transferred to the children and used with each other.’
    • ‘I'd done a practicum in kindergarten, and I ended up teaching Grade 7.’
    • ‘Suddenly, I realized I was no longer a practicum student or a student teacher: I was the teacher.’
    • ‘Majors also complete a teaching practicum and a senior project in choreography and performance or dance research.’
    • ‘The students then stay linked to these schools for their practicum and for a full-year internship.’


Early 20th century from late Latin, neuter of practicus ‘practical’.