Definition of prairie chicken in English:

prairie chicken

(also prairie hen)

Pronunciation /ˈprerē ˈCHikən/ /ˈprɛri ˈtʃɪkən/


  • A large North American grouse found on the prairies, the male being noted for the display dance in which it inflates two orange neck pouches and makes a booming sound.

    Genus Tympanuchus, family Tetraonidae: two species, in particular the greater prairie chicken (T. cupido)

    • ‘There were the sheep, deer, grouse of some kind, some sort of prairie chicken in full peacock-like display, bald eagles, hawks, coyote and even some elk that I saw on the way home.’
    • ‘Results for the prairie chicken indicated that a single vital rate consistently had greatest effect on population growth.’
    • ‘Our larder… is helped out by prairie chicken, quail, and a very small amount of venison, each in its season.’
    • ‘It's not, of course, made with real prairie chicken.’
    • ‘Cattle grazed the pastures where prairie hens, quail and coyote roamed.’


prairie chicken

/ˈprerē ˈCHikən/ /ˈprɛri ˈtʃɪkən/