Definition of prairie oyster in English:

prairie oyster


  • 1A drink made with a raw egg and seasoning, drunk as a cure for a hangover.

    ‘Finally, there are eggs - another favourite ‘cure’ be it in the form of a fried breakfast, omelettes or a ‘prairie oyster’, a drink containing an egg yolk.’
  • 2prairie oystersNorth American The testicles of a calf cooked and served as food.

    • ‘Sandy from Calgary (visited during the Stampede) has the balls to suggest a quick stop at a certain café for a feed of prairie oysters (bull testicles).’
    • ‘Calgary can offer steak rounded out with prairie oysters and washed down with a red-eye, but old New Orleans can rustle up a much bigger spread of crawfish, jambalaya and ribs.’
    • ‘Cross-referenced and linked, with plenty of supplemental and anecdotal information, Ray includes everything from the process of getting prairie oysters (it takes balls) to recipes for traditional Mexican insect dishes.’
    • ‘Hank's knee caught Mustache straight in his prairie oysters and he made a sound like a steam kettle saying the letter ‘n’ before dropping heavily on Hank's chest.’
    • ‘If the environmental accord were a bull, you would be feasting on barbecued prairie oysters.’


prairie oyster