Definición de prayer shawl en inglés

prayer shawl


another term for tallith
‘He stood before it fussing with his tunic, his robe and his prayer shawl, making sure his attire was perfect.’
  • ‘It was white (the color of newness and purity), and it had two blue stripes (the color of heaven) like the stripes of a tallit, the prayer shawl, which symbolized the transmission of Jewish tradition.’
  • ‘I feel safe, gathered in, with the song covering us like a prayer shawl and the Shabbos candles flickering on the sideboard.’
  • ‘It begins with the traditional donning of the tallith or prayer shawl.’
  • ‘He wears a prayer shawl, chants a pilgrimage psalm, and says a blessing in Hebrew.’


prayer shawl

/ˈprāər SHôl/ /ˈpreɪər ʃɔl/