Definition of pre-made in English:



  • Prepared or created in advance.

    ‘they have a cold and hot food bar with amazing pre-made salads’
    ‘you can create multimedia and interactive content easily with pre-made templates’
    • ‘But pre-made shower floors can offer a little more functionality than the standard tile floor.’
    • ‘Try eating more filling stuff and stop with the pre-made rubbish, snacks and junk food, that's what I do.’
    • ‘Online resources abound, so take advantage of sample tests and pre-made flashcards.’
    • ‘Although you can buy pre-made bracelets like these, doing it yourself lets you customise the tools set and is also more gratifying.’
    • ‘I'd set my alarm at 4 a.m., and have a protein shake pre-made by my bed.’
    • ‘The pre-made kits they sell in stores have all the essentials, but are limited in quantity.’
    • ‘You won't see her playing with many pre-made toys - she's all about paper, kid scissors, and markers/paints right now.’
    • ‘Within the case of straightforward room fits, you will not even be ready to tell the distinction between customized and pre-made.’
    • ‘Some libraries give you pre-made maps for certain software.’
    • ‘Pre-made cabinetry refers to cabinets that are ready-to-assemble and easy to install.’