Definition of pre-release in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting a record, film, or other product that has not yet been generally released.

    ‘a pre-release version of the software’
    • ‘This argument has been echoed by admirers of a pre-release version of the film.’
    • ‘The next pre-release version of the product will obtain signature updates from the Windows Update software distribution channels.’
    • ‘At least, that's how I'm told the retail version looks; the pre-release screener I received is actually two separate discs, an arrangement I tend to prefer.’
    • ‘Every now and then I get invited to pre-release screenings of new films.’
    • ‘Executive members are nominated by Sun based on their use of its technology, and get joint collateral along with early access to pre-release editions of Sun products.’
    • ‘People who download it can also participate in a Customer Experience Improvement Program, which lets users anonymously give feedback on the pre-release version.’
    • ‘But a limited pre-release version of a new first person shooter game is worth it's weight in gold.’
    • ‘However, it appears that the handsets may not be final versions but pre-release units for testing.’
    • ‘I should add, though, that we moderate verdict entry on pre-release movies and that we'll soon be closing up votes until the US / UK release date (whichever is first) so your vote has been removed.’
    • ‘More important to me this evening are a trio of comedies that are suffering painful pre-release buzz that I have been amazed to realize is unfair and excessive… even inside the studios where they reside.’
    • ‘But they have made the pre-release process more paranoid than ever to no good effect that I can think of… other than the amusement of those who want to know everything and know it now.’
    • ‘From time-to-time, when high-profile hype collides with scathing advance screening reviews, the inevitable result is an ugly pre-release reputation.’
    • ‘In an odd way, I feel like I wrote everything I needed to in my pre-release non-reviews.’
    • ‘I discounted the article's claims of greater-than-usual involvement by the film's creative team as more pre-release hype, but having seen the film and read about the storyline of the game I can see the point.’
    • ‘Although she has sung only one song in the film, she was clearly the toast of the pre-release press conference of the movie held here on Wednesday.’
    • ‘Record industry veterans are scratching their heads to remember when a new record last generated such intense pre-release interest.’
    • ‘When I was leaving Wiltshire yesterday, J gave me a pre-release copy of the CD that records this journey.’
    • ‘At last a record hits the Top 40 while it still has a pre-release buzz, which can only be a healthy thing.’
    • ‘So all you have to do to get this and other occasional demos and pre-release tracks is click the mailing link below…’
    • ‘Keep in mind also that this was a pre-release model so there may be minor changes to the production unit.’
  • 2Relating to the period before the release of a suspect or prisoner.

    • ‘Ms Walsh also explained that the prisoners housed in the pre-release cottages are generally in a transitional period, adjusting from the very regimented daily routine of prison life in the main section.’
    • ‘She said the prison had no formal pre-release drugs strategy because it had a ‘complete and total’ drugs programme which ran throughout an offender's sentence.’
    • ‘The first such experimental program, initiated in New York City in 1968, involving pre-release jail inmates, was described by Dole and colleagues.’
    • ‘Prison officers warned over a year ago that a pre-release female prison unit, from which two inmates escaped last Sunday, was ‘out of control’.’
    • ‘Prison guidance officers are using this in pre-release guidance interviews and I will then discuss the options in detail using the videophone.’
    • ‘Prison sources said Nevin was recently afforded the lowest security status available to a prisoner before they are put on a pre-release programme.’


  • A film, record, or other product given restricted availability before being generally released.

    • ‘I found it utterly bizarre that my old family home, where I had always been criticised as a teenager for spending too much time playing pop music, was now home to all the hottest, most upfront pre-releases.’
    • ‘It was a copy he had gotten as a pre-release from the record company, and while the song played he assured me that it would be a number one within a couple of months.’
    • ‘The new Safari Web browser is also an excellent product, especially for a pre-release.’
    • ‘However, I am glad I received a pre-release of Sarah's new album.’
    • ‘One example is word rankings based around pre-releases of Hollywood films and searches for Web sites of these films.’