Definition of pre-prepare in English:



[with object]usually as adjective pre-prepared
  • Prepare or produce (something, especially food) in advance.

    ‘a takeaway or pre-prepared meal’
    • ‘It highlighted how many school kitchens were now only used to heat up pre-prepared food and too few children were choosing healthy options.’
    • ‘In England, we eat more pre-prepared foods and ready-meals; we eat fast food both in and outside the home.’
    • ‘His observation that the more cooking programmes we watch on TV, the more pre-prepared ready meals we eat made me laugh out loud.’
    • ‘From calorie-counting fridges that could order groceries via the net to microwaves that would search the web for the cooking instructions to any given pre-prepared meal, he found everything from the weird to the bizarrely wonderful.’
    • ‘An increasing number of people are demanding pre-prepared, oven-ready meals and pre-packed, pre-sliced meat to fit in with their lifestyles.’
    • ‘Everyone was busy wrapping the last minute presents, pre-preparing the food for the next day, and making sure everything was done that needed doing.’
    • ‘Pudding is also best to be pre-prepared and ready in the fridge or freezer.’
    • ‘He foresaw the huge demand for good-quality pre-prepared meals for the upwardly mobile.’
    • ‘Your affluent New Yorker gets lower fat takeout food, or buys something healthy that's pre-prepared from the supermarket.’
    • ‘Questions are not pre-prepared and those attending will also be given the opportunity to submit more detailed written questions or requests for information, which will be taken away and dealt with afterwards.’
    • ‘It is no one person's pride and joy, an assembly-line product, whose various pre-prepared components are put together in a thoroughly routine manner.’
    • ‘For a defender, the great strength is pre-prepared locations from which to fight.’
    • ‘Such obituaries on major personalities are commonly pre-prepared and updated by all media organisations so stories can be run quickly when they die.’
    • ‘Coconut shrimp can be pre-prepared and dipped into a fryer.’
    • ‘But he finds a bigger market for a quicker to cook, pre-prepared easy-carve lamb, at $17.90.’
    • ‘In the ‘Bake-Off’ category the dishes will be pre-prepared by the entrants.’
    • ‘Eve stood in front of everyone, and then started another pre-prepared speech.’
    • ‘The postage fees will be pre-paid, and the mailing will be pre-prepared, so the task will consist solely of transporting the mailing, and packing it into three separate mailing bags.’
    • ‘They worked all night, but not a single article there was pre-prepared.’
    • ‘Both media organisations have printed pre-prepared obituaries on well-known public figures.’
    • ‘They began pre-preparing batches of vaccines so more children could be treated, which investigators think led to the vaccines not working properly.’
    pre-prepared, ready prepared, ready mixed, pre-cooked, fast, easy to prepare, quick to prepare, easy to make, quick to make, microwaveable, convenience, TV