Definition of precipitancy in English:


Pronunciation /prēˈsipədənsē/ /priˈsɪpədənsi/


  • Rashness or suddenness of action.

    ‘matters were taken out of his control by the precipitancy of his commander’
    • ‘If you shock or disgust her by precipitancy or over-eagerness, or zeal, appreciate it may be the undoing of your wedded bliss and joy.’
    • ‘Its peculiar vice is that it enables us to go to war with far greater precipitancy than we otherwise might while simultaneously allowing us to walk away from the ruin we create without feeling a commensurate sense of responsibility.’
    • ‘It is pretended, that I am retarding the cause of emancipation by the coarseness of my invective, and the precipitancy of my measures.’



/prēˈsipədənsē/ /priˈsɪpədənsi/