Definition of precipitately in English:


Pronunciation /prēˈsipədətlē/ /priˈsɪpədətli/ /prəˈsipədətlē/ /prəˈsɪpədətli/


See precipitate

  • ‘He made child's play of its tricky fingerwork and zipped through prestissimi at double-speed, braking precipitately into a sombre adagio.’
  • ‘There is a danger that we act precipitately - I don't want to do that.’
  • ‘The hyper-modernism of retro fashions following so precipitately on their originals allows no space for nostalgia, just as its depthless present can neither articulate nor hear a different future.’
  • ‘But then that is true of tradesmen of all classes who arrive, only partially complete their task and leave precipitately having trousered their wages.’
  • ‘For it would seem that the wily old fox has finally outfoxed himself by falling prey to an inherent weakness that involves opening his mouth precipitately.’



/prēˈsipədətlē/ /priˈsɪpədətli/ /prəˈsipədətlē/ /prəˈsɪpədətli/