Definition of precipitator in English:



  • An apparatus for causing precipitation, especially a device for removing dust from a gas.

    ‘The arsenic captured by the precipitators and in dust chambers played an equal role in polluting the area.’
    • ‘Since the precipitator could not capture sulphur dioxide gas, but only condensed particles of sulphuric acid, it did not completely solve the pollution problem.’
    • ‘The commissioners did finally insist that the company install the additional electrical precipitators.’
    • ‘When the cloud of white tobacco smoke entered the charged field and vanished, he realized the electrical precipitator had the potential to become a major new smoke-control technology.’
    • ‘Technically, the electrical precipitator was an indisputable triumph: it could clean an array of particulate pollutants from smoke produced by a wide variety of industrial processes.’



/prəˈsipəˌtādər/ /prəˈsɪpəˌteɪdər/