Definition of precocity in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈkäsədē/ /prəˈkɑsədi/


See precocious

  • ‘Three years later the boy's intellectual precocity was noticed, and a group of local businessmen clubbed together to send the youth to North America to study.’
  • ‘Olson suggests that precocity might correlate with ability to visualize, which leads into a considerable discussion of people who learn mathematics verbally as contrasted with those who learn it visually.’
  • ‘His intellectual precocity, and his dedication to work, which remained compulsive from boyhood onwards, are characteristic.’
  • ‘She, like her brother, studied composition with Zelter and revealed comparable precocity and ability.’
  • ‘How many minds have there been of such capacity and precocity?’



/prəˈkäsədē/ /prəˈkɑsədi/