Definition of precut in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprēˈkət/ /ˌpriˈkət/

transitive verbprecuts, precutting, precut

[with object]
  • Cut into the desired shape or sections in advance.

    ‘openings in the panels may be precut at the factory’
    • ‘In my judgement those skilled in the art would have known that in appropriate circumstances appliqué pieces were pre-cut to size by the use of dies.’
    • ‘I also pre-cut some brown plastic cord into 36-inch pieces to be used for the beading and handle portion of the pouch.’
    • ‘The calamari was similarly hot and good, and came with a tomato-based dip - I prefer it when the calamari isn't pre-cut, but the breading was clearly done on the premises and it wasn't rubbery.’
    • ‘You don't have to search around for any parts, all the panels and joints are pre-cut,’ he said.’
    • ‘I don't know how big the cake will be, but I believe it is pre-cut.’
    • ‘A durable, attractive alternative to traditional wardrobes, it can be supplied pre-cut and flat-packed.’
    • ‘Well, our half an organic pig duly arrived last week: it was fingers crossed that the beast had been pre-cut.’
    • ‘The Farmers Market will provide customers the chance to order full, half or even sections of lamb pre-cut and packaged each week.’
    • ‘I bought two pre-cut sheets of plywood at Home Depot, steel cable, and a length of white PVC tubing.’
    • ‘If you need to save time in the kitchen, buy pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables and fruits (either fresh or frozen), Epstein says.’
    • ‘At his latest store, Atlantic Seafood Market, 12740 Atlantic Blvd., he sells whole fish as well as pre-cut steaks and fillets.’
    • ‘He also decided standard pre-cut sheets are unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘Pie pans and pre-cut gauze were given to each pair of students.’
    • ‘Pulling pre-cut thorn bushes and branches across the cave entrance, he fashioned a kraal to keep his sheep safely hidden and boxed in the cave.’
    • ‘They must be pre-cut at the factory, so get your measurements right.’
    • ‘Whole fresh fruits, dried fruits and packaged pre-cut vegetables are easy snacks to take with you.’
    • ‘Many paint and craft stores sell pre-cut, reusable plastic stencils in a variety of patterns, such as leaves, ivy, flowers, etc.’


  • Having been cut into the desired shape or sections in advance.

    • ‘precut pieces of cloth’