Definition of predefined in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprēdiˈfīnd/ /ˌpridɪˈfaɪnd/


  • Defined, limited, or established in advance.

    ‘predefined styles for tables, outlines, paragraphs, and graphics’
    • ‘In the preferred embodiment, the bonus call is limited to a predefined duration monitored by a timer reset at the beginning of the bonus call.’
    • ‘Consumers can select an alternative operator in advance to carry certain predefined types of calls.’
    • ‘Tags are not predefined, but may be freely defined by users, departments, organizations, and even industries.’
    • ‘It is not enough to arrange military help after a predefined class of hostilities erupt; there should be every attempt to prevent them in the first place.’
    • ‘This is a fundamentally social act, which links trust to the ability to act autonomously, to recognise that in others, and to act outside of predefined or ascribed roles.’
    • ‘I felt overwhelmed by the conditions of this predefined context.’
    • ‘Their Points programme is a very simple system where every item of food is allocated a certain number of points and you have to stick to a predefined daily total.’
    • ‘Meanwhile coin tossing is in fact a predictable process following predefined physical laws of motion and isn't really random at all.’
    • ‘The path navigator is a robot, which moves along a predefined path and gives a signal to the controller once it finds an obstacle.’
    • ‘He doesn't have a predefined idea of where the end will be or what he'll find.’
    • ‘With this technique, the computer randomly selects telephone numbers within a predefined geographical area.’
    • ‘A predefined route using a suitable skip pattern was employed to select households.’
    • ‘I do however believe that the major decisions I make in my life are all predefined in some way, at least that's how its felt so far.’
    • ‘Google could, for example, ignore all the blogs that don't have a predefined number of daily visitors.’
    • ‘The virtual keyboard works by projecting a predefined image of a keyboard onto a flat surface.’
    • ‘These results will be placed as pins on the world map and thus capture predefined squares.’
    • ‘Of the studies identified, only eight English language studies (seven articles) met all of the predefined inclusion criteria.’
    • ‘In this domain we categorize incoming stimuli, and once categorized we respond in accordance with predefined procedures.’
    • ‘Cutting depths and speeds are controlled from a predefined material library or from user-defined specifications.’



/ˌprēdiˈfīnd/ /ˌpridɪˈfaɪnd/