Definition of predigest in English:



  • 1(of an animal) treat (food) by a process similar to digestion in order to make it more digestible when subsequently eaten.

    ‘In canids such as wolves or wild dogs, usually only the dominant, or alpha, male and female in a pack reproduce, but younger group members hunt with the mother and return to the den to regurgitate predigested meat into the mouths of her pups.’
    • ‘The frigate bird fishes the easy way, if you like your fish predigested.’
    • ‘The saliva of carnivora contains no ptyalin and cannot predigest starches; that of vegetarian animals contains ptyalin for the predigestion of starches.’
    • ‘In this species, both parents provision their offspring predigested carrion from a vertebrate carcass, and the larvae beg for food from their parents.’
    • ‘Produce and grains would come largely predigested in the stomach of prey.’
    • ‘For another, in most venomous snakes the venom acts to subdue, and in some cases to predigest, the prey.’
  • 2Simplify (information) so as to make it easier to understand or absorb.

    ‘pithy passages have been predigested for the reader and arranged under appropriate headings’
    • ‘predigested news’
    • ‘A brand is but predigested sales information to facilitate a purchase decision.’
    • ‘Just pick up your newspaper, or turn on television or go on the internet, it seems to me that more and more news is designed to be predigested, as short as possible, as entertaining as possible.’
    • ‘The general lack of understanding of science is contributed to, in a large part, by society, a public weaned on predigested news.’
    • ‘In building its case the administration influenced the debate by feeding the press a special diet of predigested information from anonymous entities.’



/ˌprēdīˈjest/ /ˌpridaɪˈdʒɛst/ /ˌprēdəˈjest/ /ˌpridəˈdʒɛst/