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  • 1Present as the strongest or main element.

    ‘its predominant color was white’
    • ‘The three predominant colours of this film are black, white and green.’
    • ‘The color you choose will be determined by the predominant color of the room.’
    • ‘Green is the predominant color achieved naturally by using low quality sand with high iron content.’
    • ‘The predominant colour in this artwork is red, and the feeling is nice.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean at this particular spot is any colour except blue, the predominant hue being dirty grey.’
    • ‘Fats in our food are categorized according to the predominant fatty acid that is present.’
    • ‘Its runs articles in several languages that are predominant in the area, although the main body is in English.’
    • ‘The color patterns are very full with the predominant blues and grays showing their tones beautifully.’
    • ‘Several patterns of presentation allow delineation of cases into four predominant types.’
    • ‘The predominant adverse effect seemed to be depression of the central nervous system.’
    main, chief, principal, most important, of greatest importance, primary, prime, overriding, uppermost, central, cardinal, leading, top-tier, foremost, key, paramount, preponderant, prevailing
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    1. 1.1Having or exerting control or power.
      ‘the predominant political forces’
      • ‘In 1914, France was one of Europe's leading powers but not the predominant force that it had been in Napoleon's day.’
      • ‘Superiority and power are predominant themes in the perioperative environment.’
      • ‘As Britain knows, all predominant power seems for a time invincible, but in fact it is transient.’
      • ‘In fact, until recently, water and dirt remained the predominant means of controlling a blaze.’
      • ‘Surely it is tautological to say that coercive organizations rely upon coercion as the predominant method of control?’
      • ‘The influence of feudalism has been most predominant in the political sphere.’
      • ‘We don't have to be the predominant force, by any stretch of imagination now.’
      • ‘It is a long established principle that cash flows are the predominant force in the valuation of a business.’
      • ‘Although she continues to record, the artist is no longer a predominant force in the music industry.’
      • ‘Sexual reproduction is the predominant force in the propagation of animals and many plants.’
      • ‘From where I sit, the predominant mood seems to be one of rising user power.’
      • ‘The predominant pattern is for a successful king's power to fade in old age and for kingly pre-eminence to pass to the ruler of one of the other kingdoms.’
      • ‘Some knowledge of the predominant weed species or groups to be controlled is desirable.’
      • ‘He was asked if fear was the predominant emotion in his community as they realize the forces they're up against.’
      controlling, in control, dominant, predominating, more powerful, most powerful, more important, most important, pre-eminent, ascendant, superior, in the ascendancy, ruling, leading, principal, chief, main, supreme, prevalent
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/prēˈdämən(ə)nt/ /priˈdɑmən(ə)nt/


Mid 16th century from Old French, from medieval Latin predominant- ‘predominating’, from the verb predominari (see predominate).