Definition of preferability in English:



See preferable

  • ‘In ‘Poetry and Religion,’ Jarman argues that ‘Dickinson offers, with true American horse sense, the preferability of a deceptive hope, a fool's errand, to none at all, for it is that which gives illumination.’’
  • ‘In some cases, environmental preferability could override cost concerns, giving the advantage to the greener product.’
  • ‘A subsequent executive order proclaimed that buying recycled was possible and relatively painless, and dismissed as spurious complaints about the price, preferability and availability of recycled paper.’
  • ‘The issue of preferability generally involves a consideration of the common issues and the degree to which their resolution advances the overall action compared to the individual issues that remain to be determined.’
  • ‘There is still no general consensus about the preferability of paper to plastic (or glass, steel, or aluminum).’