Definition of pregenital in English:


Pronunciation /prēˈjenədl/ /priˈdʒɛnədl/


  • 1Psychoanalysis
    Relating to psychosexual development before the genital phase.

    • ‘Gay quotes Schur's comment to Jones about Freud. ‘Altogether there are many evidences of complicated pregenital relationships with mother which perhaps he never analysed’.’
    • ‘Such a shift upsets the view taken by analysts where the notion of linear development is the norm and other sexual identities are viewed as regression to, or a fixation at a pregenital level of functioning.’
    • ‘Chasseguet-Smirgel discusses the idealization of pregenital sexuality as a hallmark of the perversions.’
    • ‘In summarizing various findings, Robert Dickes states that most pregenital research stands in direct opposition to Freud, i.e., that ‘the fetish represents more than the female phallus’.’
  • 2Zoology
    Situated in front of the genital region.



/prēˈjenədl/ /priˈdʒɛnədl/