Definition of premenstrual syndrome in English:

premenstrual syndrome

(also PMS)

Pronunciation /prēˈmenztr(əw)əl/ /priˈmɛnztr(əw)əl/ /prēˈmenstr(əw)əl ˈsinˌdrōm/ /priˈmɛnstr(əw)əl ˈsɪnˌdroʊm/


  • Any of a complex of symptoms (including emotional tension and fluid retention) experienced by some women in the days immediately before menstruation.

    • ‘The week or so before the menstrual period is often characterized by symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘The main outcome measure was a reduction in overall symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘The range of physical and mental symptoms called premenstrual syndrome can affect women two to 14 days before menstruation begins.’
    • ‘Those are just symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘One of the numerous treatments suggested for premenstrual syndrome is vitamin B6.’
    • ‘Women with premenstrual syndrome are more likely to become depressed.’
    • ‘Herbalists often remedy minor complaints like colds and chronic ailments like acne, arthritis, and premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘Our belief that the dysphoria of menopause or premenstrual syndrome is caused by ‘hormone imbalance’ is largely just supposition and doesn't rest on any hard scientific proof of the effect of hormones on the brain.’
    • ‘It can help with weight loss and premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘This can result from physical or chemical injury, from burns or from hormonal causes, as in premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘Many women with premenstrual syndrome can be treated with behavioural, dietary, or lifestyle changes.’
    • ‘A landmark study into treating premenstrual syndrome using multivitamin, mineral and herbal supplements could help reduce symptoms is seeking 200 women who experience the problem.’
    • ‘It turns out that she's provided a natural way to help prevent premenstrual syndrome.’
    • ‘PMS - premenstrual syndrome - just the thought of it makes women who suffer from it want to cringe.’


premenstrual syndrome

/prēˈmenztr(əw)əl/ /priˈmɛnztr(əw)əl/ /prēˈmenstr(əw)əl ˈsinˌdrōm/ /priˈmɛnstr(əw)əl ˈsɪnˌdroʊm/