Definition of prentice in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpren(t)əs/ /ˈprɛn(t)əs/


  • another term for apprentice (noun)

    ‘a tailor's prentice’
    • ‘Chambers cites, among others, a 1618 account ‘describing the bands of prentices, 3,000 or 4,000 strong, who on Shrove Tuesday and 1 May do outrages in all directions.’’
    • ‘As we have seen, he both lectured on Mozart's Fortieth Symphony and used it as a model for a prentice symphony of his own.’
    • ‘You'll either be a cap'n's servant or ‘prenticed to one of the craftsmen, but likely not an able seaman just yet.’’

transitive verb

[with object]archaic
  • another term for apprentice (verb)

    • ‘my brother was prenticed to a wheelwright’