Definition of prepared piano in English:

prepared piano


  • A piano with objects placed on or between the strings, or some strings retuned, to produce an unusual tonal effect.

    • ‘It's all in his orchestration - not lots of strings and brass but celestes, prepared pianos, very early synthesisers.’
    • ‘The strings of a prepared piano are doctored with paper clips, rubber strips, nuts, bolts, and paper (other items can be added to the list - use your imagination) so that they produce new tones and timbres.’
    • ‘Three Dances, written in 1945, is a high point of Cage's music for prepared piano, or, in this case, two prepared pianos.’
    • ‘The string section of the Ulster Orchestra is equally impressive, as is the player of the prepared piano who, unfairly, remains anonymous.’
    • ‘It can also be confusing for the listener to hear such strange sounds emanating from a traditional instrument, but think of the prepared piano as a forerunner to the synthesizer.’
    • ‘Bubbling, restless electronics, prepared pianos, skittering percussives and discreet atmospherics drive the whole thing along while Ken Field's fruity saxophones take much of the melodic duties.’
    • ‘The prepared piano used in the Cage sessions was left unmodified for Henck's improvisations, giving him an opportunity for recreation, if you will, after hours spent attending to the rigors of Cage.’
    • ‘He concludes, ‘Music decision-making often seemed to go underground when they played their prepared piano pieces from memory.’’
    • ‘Fantasies for Adults and Other Children (a set of songs to texts by E. E. Cummings) makes even more dramatic use of a prepared piano.’
    • ‘Tippett uses a prepared piano on a number of tracks, sometimes coaxing harpsichord-like timbres from it, and sometimes producing sounds that are decidedly more eerie.’
    • ‘Cage wrote two chunks of music for a heavily prepared piano, and Tan presents these two sections here.’
    • ‘But I have a prepared piano down in my basement that I bring in to some songs.’
    • ‘Part of the enjoyment comes from the unexpected textural surprises - speech tracks, tape loops, mic delays, prepared piano, tablas, jazz band and more.’
    • ‘Yet many of his scores make a feature of unconventional sounds - distorted electric guitar, harmonica, prepared piano.’
    • ‘Cowell's own work with non-traditional methods of playing the piano prefigured John Cage's compositions for prepared piano.’
    • ‘With the invention of the prepared piano, he could produce the sound of a small orchestra from a single instrument.’