Definition of prepositional phrase in English:

prepositional phrase


  • A modifying phrase consisting of a preposition and its object.

    ‘Despite some minor confusion regarding prepositions, these limited examples suggest that the singer has a basic grasp of how to form noun phrases, verb phrases, and prepositional phrases in English.’
    • ‘This completely irrelevant, because ‘an eater of mice’ is not a compound noun, it's a phrase consisting of a noun phrase connected to a prepositional phrase.’
    • ‘This is a prepositional phrase used adverbially, modifying ‘said’.’
    • ‘In English, prepositional phrases are generally preceded by verb phrases or noun phrases in complete sentences.’
    • ‘In the Atlantic's blurb, the two prepositional phrases don't really seem right when placed in the other order: ‘… part of his continuing coverage of anarchy on the high seas for the magazine.’’
    • ‘Lanham's easy, entertaining little book proposes a workable method for fixing long wobbly sentences afflicted by weak verbs and infested with swarms of prepositional phrases.’
    • ‘Parliamentary question time is full of wonderful examples of extended verbs, conjunctions and prepositional phrases employed to evade answering a question.’
    • ‘Should you give me a bunch of practice sentences, I still probably couldn't tell you what the prepositional phrases are.’
    • ‘I wanted to string together adverbs and nouns, to make a colorful amalgam of adjectives and prepositional phrases.’
    • ‘The word sin is used twice on these pages, once in a quote and once in the midst of a prepositional phrase, ‘as Jesus took all of mankind's sin and guilt on himself.’’
    • ‘He seems unaware that two consecutive nouns act as a prepositional phrase in English.’
    • ‘A switch within the prepositional phrase should be ruled out because English has prepositions and Panjabi postpositions.’