Definition of prepress in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprēˈpres/ /ˌpriˈprɛs/


  • Relating to typesetting, page layout, and other work done on a publication before it is actually printed.

    • ‘Writing, editing, layout and pre-press preparations are computerised and the publishing workflow is all network based.’
    • ‘The digital graphics department is essentially the company's pre-press operation - turning working files into a set of electronic masters, with exact specifications for color and alignment on printing presses.’
    • ‘Those affected were people working in pre-press, clerical and ‘facilities and services' areas.’
    • ‘Broadcast, medical, financial, pre-press, and other commercial markets all use DVD-based systems to insure their data's long-term integrity.’
    • ‘We see this phenomenon of ‘not reinventing the wheel’ in applications as diverse as engineering design, pre-press projects and even animated films.’
    • ‘We saw digital print as a natural progression from what we were doing in our pre-press environment.’
    • ‘New floors are being laid and the pre-press area will be separated with isolating walls but all the careful instructions, labels and painted floor lines restricting movement are in place to prevent an unwitting disaster.’
    • ‘However, pre-press and production employers say math, science and IT skills are as important as creative software skills and new entrants are expected to learn on the job.’
    • ‘This model is aimed at professional color processing use such as in digital photo editing, digital pre-press operation and various computer design work.’
    • ‘Her extensive experience in the production and pre-press aspects of publishing inclined her towards management and she worked for a couple of different magazine groups.’
    • ‘The company is also in the process of rolling out a $14 million pre-press system upgrade across all its regional mastheads.’



/ˌprēˈpres/ /ˌpriˈprɛs/