Definition of presence chamber in English:

presence chamber

Pronunciation /ˈprezns ˈCHāmbər/ /ˈprɛzns ˈtʃeɪmbər/


  • A room, especially one in a palace, in which a monarch or other distinguished person receives visitors.

    ‘Communal dining in the great hall and in the presence chamber became a daily event in the greater houses like Hampton Court, although it was highly unpopular with the King's aristocratic officers.’
    • ‘In freezing January weather, proceedings began in the royal presence chamber, with lords of the Privy Council as spectators.’
    • ‘‘His Grace, the Duke, summons you to the presence chamber,’ the squire said.’
    • ‘She looked at me harshly and strode away into her presence chamber.’
    • ‘As soon as breakfast was over I made my way to the Queen's presence chamber and did nothing but sew for three hours.’