Definition of present arms in English:

present arms


  • (usually as a command) hold a rifle vertically in front of the body as a salute.

    ‘When the casket is removed from the hearse, the squad presents arms and then performs the military ritual.’
    • ‘The Victoria and Albert cast off from Port Victoria Pier at 20 minutes after 3 and steamed down to Sheerness Harbour, the crews of the vessels in the river manning ship and the guards presenting arms as her Majesty passed.’
    • ‘The World War I story of ‘preachers presenting arms’ has been told before, but Gamble tells it well.’
    • ‘Officers saluted the coffin and a picture of Kabila, as a military band played the national anthem, and an honour guard presented arms.’
    • ‘For each of the drill movements, you have to be really conscious of what you're timing is, so every time you go from standing at ease to present arms, there's a set order to get there.’