Definition of present participle in English:

present participle


  • The form of a verb, ending in -ing in English, which is used in forming continuous tenses, e.g. in I'm thinking, alone in nonfinite clauses, e.g. in sitting here, I haven't a care in the world, as a noun, e.g. in good thinking, and as an adjective, e.g. in running water.

    ‘It is not surprising, therefore, that present participles can sometimes function as prepositions (concerning, considering, regarding are representative examples).’
    • ‘Each title begins with the words ‘The Bed, The Chair,’ followed by a description of a depicted activity, often expressed in present participles.’
    • ‘French uses the present participle in its verbal form much less frequently than does English.’
    • ‘To form the present participle of a verb, add the ending -ing to the base form.’


present participle

/prēˈzent/ /priˈzɛnt/ /prəˈzent ˈpärdəˌsipəl/ /prəˈzɛnt ˈpɑrdəˌsɪpəl/