Definition of pressurized in English:


(British pressurised)

Pronunciation /ˈpreSHəˌrīzd/ /ˈprɛʃəˌraɪzd/


  • 1(of a gas or its container) having artificially raised pressure.

    ‘a pressurized can’
    • ‘One risk is that the very pressurized gas might push an already stressed fault towards its breaking point.’
    • ‘The ‘Contents Under Pressure‘ safety warning is affixed on or stamped into containers that hold pressurized gas.’
    • ‘The fuel is stored and released in the form of pressurized gas into the engine.’
    • ‘The turbine is specially built to run on pressurized carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘It is typically shipped and stored as a liquid in a pressurized container on interstate highways.’
    • ‘He explores the benefits of cold extraction by freezing ground coffee and water in pressurized containers.’
    • ‘When the hatch is opened, the release of these pressurized gases and vapors can expose workers.’
    • ‘Hydrogen is kept in a pressurized container and oxygen is taken from the air.’
    • ‘Packaged food cooks inside a pressurized tube.’
    • ‘Patients receive pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber.’
    1. 1.1(of an aircraft cabin) maintained at a tolerable atmospheric pressure at a high altitude.
      ‘pressurized cabins keep the conditions similar to that at the earth's surface’
      • ‘These were the first airliners in widespread use to feature pressurized cabins, in turn allowing pilots to fly at greater altitudes.’
      • ‘The B-17s do not have pressurized cabins.’
      • ‘Pressurized cabins make for heinously dry skin, which is why I always bring a travel sized bottle of my favorite, thick lotion.’
      • ‘The pressure outside the cabin is much lower than inside the pressurized cabin.’
      • ‘The rapid ascent and descent of the plane combined with the pressurized cabins can cause an imbalance in pressure between the middle ear and outer ear.’
      • ‘Aircraft manufacturers spent decades mastering the enormous forces created when a pressurized cabin flies at higher altitudes.’
      • ‘The glider has a pressurized cabin to counteract the vacuum-like conditions of space.’
      • ‘I generally discourage drinking on the plane. When you combine this with the pressurised cabin of an aeroplane, its effects can be amplified.’
      • ‘Most of the smoke generated by the flames must be vented outboard, rather than be allowed to circulate inside the pressurised cabin.’
      • ‘Such aircraft also don't have pressurised cabins and have to stay at relatively low altitudes.’
  • 2British (of a person or situation) under considerable psychological or social pressure.

    ‘their ability to perform in a very pressurized environment’
    • ‘They have to make decisions in a pressurized situation.’
    • ‘You will need to be able to operate to a high standard in a pressurised environment.’
    • ‘Consistency in a pressurised environment is what every coach wants.’
    • ‘She is a beloved boss in a pressurized business.’
    • ‘No one can seriously dispute the minute-to-minute danger of being a police officer in a pressurized urban environment.’
    • ‘She's performed extremely well under some really pressurized situations.’
    • ‘You're on a film set and have to put a character together very quickly, under very pressurised circumstances.’
    • ‘He witnessed the need for a short snatch of peace midweek in what are now very pressurised lifestyles.’
    • ‘In what can be a very pressurised environment, call operators work calmly and effectively to reassure the caller while gaining vital information which can be relayed to police officers.’
    • ‘We are young guys with very pressurised jobs and they don't help us.’



/ˈpreSHəˌrīzd/ /ˈprɛʃəˌraɪzd/