Definition of preteen in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprēˈtēn/ /ˌpriˈtin/

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  • Relating to a child just under the age of thirteen.

    ‘the perfect preteen bedroom’
    • ‘There is nothing new in the issue of under age drinking but pre-teen drinking is a new phenomenon which is very worrying.’
    • ‘So, we pressed play and fell into this glorious pre-teen memory of a perfect 80s democratic, utopian indie rock underground.’
    • ‘There's the protective dad seated next to his still-innocent, pre-teen daughter.’
    • ‘They know most people equate comics with pre-teen fantasies of laser beams bouncing off glacial pecs.’
    • ‘Always the scholar and never the socialite, I adapted to pre-teen activities and the effervescence of wide-eyed, precocious little girls, much to my delight.’
    • ‘‘The idea was to get a direct line into that pre-teen age group,’ admits Loraine.’
    • ‘As long as networks keep pumping out edgy entertainment (if only by pre-teen standards,) who cares where they draw their inspiration?’
    • ‘I agree that passion and commitment are missing from the Scotland team, coupled with an inability to pass and receive a football, which our heroes and idols have been practising since pre-teen years.’
    • ‘It's rare to find one young actor this good, but to find a movie that features an ensemble of four pre-teen actors of such skill, well it's pretty amazing.’
    • ‘Look for at least one big pre-teen release in this slot in 2001.’
    • ‘To be more specific, the target audience is pre-teen females.’
    • ‘This type of behaviour will extend into the exuberantly fertile genteel, resulting in an explosion in demand for pre-teen notes of recognition.’
    • ‘The microscooter, one of this Christmas's most-wanted pre-teen toys, is about to have its shiny aluminium image tarnished once again.’
    • ‘The dress was a knee length halter, with no sleeves, but just enough elastic to hold it onto Amanda's pre-teen chest.’
    • ‘We get a boy who doesn't seem to have been programmed to understand the most basic pre-teen attitudes and activities.’
    • ‘We set up the tent in the back yard and threw our four sleeping bags in before we spent the afternoon being pre-teen squirrels.’
    • ‘So if you can survive moments of slow slapstick and pre-teen tantrums, you will really like the core of this film.’
    • ‘Only the cartoons and the latest talentless manufactured pre-teen pop phenomenon remain.’
    • ‘That was all fine and dandy on a nice, gentle slope, but we were pre-teen speed demons.’
    • ‘And the storylines are clever enough that even viewers who aren't pre-teen girls can get hooked on the show.’


  • A preteen child.

    • ‘the latest craze to hit British preteens’
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