Definition of pretreat in English:


Pronunciation /prēˈtrēt/ /priˈtrit/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Treat (something) with a chemical before use.

    ‘the steel is pretreated against corrosion’
    • ‘Procedures for chemically pretreating archaeological charcoal vary only slightly from laboratory to laboratory, and all involve treatment with acid and sodium hydroxide.’
    • ‘The coverslips were pretreated with sterile poly-L-lysine to improve cell adhesion to the glass.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is theorized that by pretreating a component in a certain way, it will exhibit behavior more conducive to assembly.’
    • ‘The softer grade was formed by pretreating the monomers (single units) with oxygen and polymerizing them at 149°F.’
    • ‘Stable images have been obtained by pretreating the mica with a solution containing divalent cations such as Mg 2 + ions.’
    • ‘Microspores were induced to enter the embryogenic pathway by pretreating whole anthers in mannitol salt solution.’
    • ‘Soil samples were pretreated with excess 0.1 M orthophosphoric acid to remove inorganic C salts.’
    • ‘Whole sputum samples were pretreated with 0.1% dithiothreitol in PBS.’
    • ‘Cells were pretreated with various compounds dissolved in DMSO over a wide range of concentrations, and DMSO itself was also examined.’
    • ‘When required, cells were pretreated with various inhibitors before irradiation, and then the medium with and without inhibitors was collected.’
    • ‘Each urine sample was pretreated with 3% sodium borohydride and analyzed directly with HGAAS.’
    • ‘The sample was pretreated with HCI and NaOH before organic carbon was extracted using an oxygen plasma.’
    • ‘The solid-color swatches were pretreated so that both the wool and cotton yarns would pick up the dye evenly.’
    • ‘Spores were pretreated with BFA for 60 min and settled onto polystyrene for 5 min.’
    • ‘Only one of the two groups was pretreated with different concentrations of apple phenolic extracts.’
    • ‘The cultures were pretreated with each GAG lyase before using them in radioligand binding assays.’
    • ‘‘So far, the most effective way we've found to break down the fiber is to pretreat it with mild acid and then with alkaline hydrogen peroxide,’ says Bothast.’
    • ‘Commonly, water softeners are used to pretreat the feed water to remove the minerals that cause scale.’
    • ‘The land nearby can be pretreated with chemicals to prevent the oil from sticking when it washes ashore.’
    • ‘I do love a cup of java that's been pretreated with chemicals.’



/prēˈtrēt/ /priˈtrit/