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  • 1Existing at a particular time; current.

    ‘the unfavorable prevailing economic conditions’
    • ‘There is nearly always good refuge to fish in any prevailing winds.’
    • ‘Steve Trewhella There were a number of non-native, pelagic marine visitors to our coast during the prevailing autumn winds.’
    • ‘An order to sell your shares at the prevailing market price.’
    • ‘Second, the direction of dispersal could have been biased by prevailing oceanographic configurations.’
    • ‘The visitors were giving an exhibition of how not to play with a prevailing storm.’
    • ‘Bukey's interpretation of Austria's annexation to Germany largely follows the prevailing view.’
    • ‘However, they also participated in the passionate nationalism prevailing at the time.’
    • ‘Mr McCarthy also attributed the increased demand to current economic situation prevailing in Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘Composers were encouraged to explore modes of expression compatible with the prevailing revolutionary mood.’
    • ‘Following the collapse of Reza Shah's dictatorship, with the new conditions prevailing, a large group of political prisoners were released.’
    • ‘They were important ethnographic studies in the prevailing American tradition.’
    • ‘The option's exercise price is usually the most recent prevailing market price at date of grant.’
    • ‘In the 17th Century, however, the prevailing direction of exchanges began to shift.’
    • ‘What we are pleased to call "prevailing business sentiment" is a complex hydra-headed beast.’
    • ‘He discussed several issues regarding the prevailing state of affairs in our beloved country, Pakistan.’
    • ‘In the circumstances then prevailing, the respondent throughout behaved reasonably.’
    • ‘Balbridie is therefore a serious threat to the prevailing view of the Neolithic, in which nomadic gatherers practised just a little agriculture.’
    • ‘Where your shopping dollar helps bring the prevailing retail wage in your town down to Wal-Mart level.’
    • ‘Genetically modified maize, the prevailing genetically modified plant cultivated in Bulgaria, is not on the list.’
    1. 1.1Having most appeal or influence; prevalent.
      ‘the prevailing mood is one of hope rather than expectation’
      • ‘By poking holes, lots of holes, in the prevailing theories of today.’
      • ‘Return might be the hideous height of his prevailing good intentions.’
      • ‘Rather, the original decision is a more accurate reflection of the attitudes prevailing in senior government circles.’
      • ‘Critical opinion of his work has undergone the vicissitudes of prevailing tastes in art.’
      • ‘Among the patrons in theater lobbies each summer, the prevailing accent is (accents are) American.’
      • ‘Reciprocity has been the prevailing view for most of the nation's history.’
      • ‘Under the prevailing view, talented people can naturally expect greater income.’
      • ‘The other prevailing stereotype, that crack-using women are unfit mothers, was in a sense upheld by the women themselves.’
      • ‘Open source software is often portrayed as a breakthrough in the free and open exchange of intellectual property, without precedent in the prevailing global capitalist mentality.’
      • ‘Wilson, like Attlee, nailed his colours to the prevailing exchange rate.’
      • ‘Many of the major advances in the pulmonary circulation were led by mavericks, such as Forssman, Moser, and Petty, who pursued their passion against prevailing opinion.’
      • ‘In spite of prevailing opinion, the.32 S&amp[.;]W Long is not a toy.’
      • ‘It is obviously contrary to the prevailing mood throughout the country.’
      • ‘Despite the three ATRs, there is a prevailing feeling that justice has not been done.’
      • ‘Certainly, the South's geographical advantages added to a prevailing sense of overconfidence that independence could be achieved easily.’
      • ‘Her statement encapsulates the prevailing mood of optimism in this sprawling settlement.’
      • ‘The problem is that the prevailing global sentiment has been against the idea of killing any more whales.’
      • ‘Now the prevailing opinion is that, with few exceptions, NFL teams are well-stocked at the most critical position on offense.’
      • ‘The prevailing culture is that you are not allowed to make a judgement.’
      • ‘The prevailing view was that a survey should be conducted among the youth in the form of a questionnaire to establish what they wanted.’



/priˈvāliNG/ /prɪˈveɪlɪŋ/