Definition of preventer in English:



  • 1A person or thing that prevents something.

    ‘effective as preventers of further infection’
    • ‘On the other hand, birth control pills are an effective preventer of pregnancy, which is in turn a powerful risk factor for thrombosis.’
    • ‘Preventive war rests on the premise that the preventer has accurate and reliable knowledge about the evil enemy's capabilities and intentions.’
    • ‘There are two main kinds of asthma medicine, both of which involve inhalers - relievers and preventers.’
    • ‘An equally erudite body of experts has argued that fluoride can trigger bone deformities and stain tooth enamel, and has poured scorn and doubt on its worth as a preventer of tooth rot.’
    • ‘Unlike relievers, preventers aren't meant to have an immediate effect and should be used as prescribed, whether or not there are symptoms.’
    • ‘Also, if you find that you regularly need the reliever medication many times a day you should definitely be on a preventer medication such as an inhaled steroid.’
    • ‘But their final resting place is under the waves, where they are being used to create artificial reefs, marine habitats, breakwaters, erosion preventers and some very cool diving destinations.’
    • ‘Captain James Cook is widely renowned as an explorer, pioneering navigator and preventer of scurvy.’
    • ‘‘Success,’ Hall believes, ‘is one of the biggest preventers of growth.’’
    • ‘Women are problem preventers; men are problem solvers.’
    • ‘Reduced pressure backflow preventers are more expensive, used mostly in commercial irrigation installations.’
    • ‘If evidence is to be called on factual issues, it is likely to be mainly about the usual industry practice relating to installation of blow-out preventers.’
    • ‘It was quite a dramatic moment… quite frightening… and then the blow-out preventer was shut in, and it calmed down.’
    • ‘I got this call around the time I learned why red clover has an age-old reputation as a cancer preventer.’
    • ‘Here again, the only way to remain weed free is to apply a weed preventer.’
    • ‘Stretching does not live up to its reputation as an injury preventer, a study has found.’
    • ‘PolyShield regular graffiti preventer forms an invisible barrier on interior and exterior surfaces that acts as a shield to prevent the absorption of vandalistic harm into the substrate.’
    • ‘Make sure to install a drain and backflow preventer.’
    • ‘No lawn means there's no lawn mower, no bags of crabgrass preventer or grub control.’
    • ‘Children began taking more reliever medication on average 1 day before increasing preventer, although there was sporadic extra reliever use 4-6 days earlier.’
    1. 1.1Sailing An extra line or wire rigged to support a piece of rigging under strain, or to hold the boom and prevent it from jibing.



/prēˈven(t)ər/ /priˈvɛn(t)ər/