Definition of priapulid in English:


noun & adjective


See Priapulida

  • ‘Over twenty species of non-mineralized arthropods have been found in the Wheeler Shale, as well as annelids, priapulids, and other worms, and the swimming predator Anomalocaris.’
  • ‘Instead, some pseudocoelomate animals, such as priapulids and nematodes, appear to be more closely related to arthropods, in a group termed Ecdysozoa.’
  • ‘If this evolutionary interpretation is correct, this change in behavior marks the origin of infaunal priapulid worms from those crawling at the sediment surface with ventral appendages.’
  • ‘Most, if not all, of those infaunal traces of activity were produced probably by relatives of priapulid worms.’
  • ‘Such morphology is consistent with that of priapulids, known to burrow in the early Cambrian clay and sand.’