Definition of pricey in English:


(also pricy)

Pronunciation /ˈprīsē/ /ˈpraɪsi/

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adjectivepricier, priciest

  • Expensive.

    • ‘boutiques selling pricey clothes’
    • ‘People are revered if they are dressed in expensive clothes and have pricy items in their homes.’
    • ‘Some homeowners have even traded down from more expensive abodes to less pricey dwellings.’
    • ‘We had been told the pub was expensive - but it wasn't unduly pricey.’
    • ‘Hand-made saddles may be a diminishing requirement in an age of machining perfection, but Emma still keeps her hand in by constantly working on at least one, even though they are a very pricy item these days.’
    • ‘Dishes are not offered in large portions and dinner can be a bit pricy at 100 yuan a head.’
    • ‘After all, this is a man so potty and unfathomably wealthy that he can walk into a shop stocking ghastly, ugly, ridiculously pricy ornaments and already own most of them.’
    • ‘If there is a weakness, the rather pricy amplifier doesn't offer the auto-setup ease of its rivals, and the remote looks a bit cheap.’
    • ‘While the big hotels in the town centre are pricy, the hundreds of small pensions offer bed and breakfast at reasonable prices.’
    • ‘It was fun, and if it's not a particularly pricy game, it's probably worthwhile.’
    • ‘The new edition is a pricy box set, but breaks the novel up into satisfying chunks.’
    • ‘Anyone who's been in the market for organic food knows that keeping the pantry stocked can be a pretty pricey affair.’
    • ‘Prosecutors are either too timid or outgunned by the platoons of pricey defense lawyers.’
    • ‘As always, the performances run the gamut from pricey indoor shows to the multitude of free shows outdoors.’
    • ‘Such perfect bounty, grown with agrichemicals and pesticides, is notoriously pricey.’
    • ‘The main outlet and other shops were relocated to less pricey premises.’
    • ‘We need to return to vigorously fighting the development of this pricey boondoggle.’
    • ‘Considering the total amount of food consumed, this was on the pricey side.’
    • ‘As with the Jazz Fest, there's both pricey indoor shows and free outdoor concerts.’
    • ‘The exhibition of pricey boats was an indicator of the growing popularity of yachting in China.’
    • ‘The monkfish tempura had a depth of flavour that is often missing from the pricey fillets on the fishmonger's slab.’
    expensive, dear, costly, high-priced, high-cost, high-end, big-budget
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