Definition of primal therapy in English:

primal therapy


  • A form of psychotherapy that focuses on a patient's earliest emotional experiences and encourages verbal expression of childhood suffering, typically using an empty chair or other prop to represent a parent toward whom anger is directed.

    • ‘He should have spent some time listening to former patients in primal therapy who resolved various problems after recovering their birth memories.’
    • ‘With its handwritten message in felt pen, it was originally sent as a thank note to Sir George from Beverley Hills in 1970 by John and Yoko while they were in Los Angeles undergoing four months of primal therapy.’
    • ‘The woman who once admitted to smashing plates as a form of primal therapy, and who used to run upstairs as a girl and sing along to The Sound of Music to drown out the rows, is now, she says, ‘in the happiest place in my life’.’
    • ‘So our sessions devolved from bodywork to this bizarre form of primal therapy.’
    • ‘Following months of primal therapy, he wrote the songs for his greatest album, Plastic Ono Band.’