Definition of primitivity in English:



See primitive

  • ‘The purpose of it came to bear in making this feature, where talking, movement, primitivity, some slickness, and a recognition of the power of music all had to play big.’
  • ‘So her comment on provincial primitivity reflects an immersion in the ethnographic subject matter she describes in her article, ‘The Natural History of German Life,’ of which she had a living example before her in Ilfracombe life.’
  • ‘The capacitance is defined as the charge stored/displaced across a capacitor divided by the potential difference across it and can also be calculated by the size of the plates and the primitivity of the insulator.’
  • ‘One such fantasy is the idea that our problems are caused by excess civilization, so the answer is to return to a peaceful primitivity, ‘the noble savage living in harmony with nature’.’
  • ‘No significant between-group differences were found for anxiety, cognitive disturbance, primitivity, and recall.’