Definition of Prince Charming in English:

Prince Charming

Pronunciation /prins ˈCHärmiNG/ /prɪns ˈtʃɑrmɪŋ/

proper noun

  • A fairy-tale hero in King Charming or Prince Charming by James Robinson Planché (1796–1880). The name was later adopted for the hero of various fairy-tale pantomimes.


  • An ideal male lover who is both handsome and of admirable character.

    ‘I'm not looking for Prince Charming’
    ‘she had found her Prince Charming’
    • ‘After several weeks of instruction five finalists will be flown to London, England, to complete their training, meet a Prince Charming, receive a prize package fit for a Queen and be crowned Australian Princess.’
    • ‘He is quite a Prince Charming and this is a love story with a happy ending.’
    • ‘‘Yup, I think I'm done with Prince Charming,’ I sighed, thinking back to that oh-so-fine day if Lawrence asked me if I'd fall for a Prince Charming.’
    • ‘While she has no illusions about being saved by a Prince Charming, she chooses to date a gringo from school, the well-meaning Jimmy, a practical, sensible choice.’
    • ‘‘Grace really looks like a damsel in distress… and with a Prince Charming Brian kissing her,’ Debbie whispered to Aloysius as they watched.’
    • ‘That title was prophetic, for of all the struggling towns in the Hudson River Valley with huge vacant factories to spare, it was Beacon that found a Prince Charming in the Dia Art Foundation.’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ Alcamay said as he tried to act like a Prince Charming.’
    • ‘He was a man from a fairy tale- a Prince Charming, really- and he was at my house.’
    • ‘His appearance was very rugged, with messy dirty blonde hair, uneven tanned skin and yet, he was like a Prince Charming appearing from nowhere.’
    • ‘Cinderella can't go to a ball without a Prince Charming, or it doesn't mean anything, and no man I had ever seen was that kind of person.’
    • ‘It's the idea that girls get that somewhere there's a knight in shining armor or a Prince Charming searching for her to ride her away on his white steed.’
    • ‘In moments like these, I closed my eyes and cried… daydreaming about a Prince Charming that would come and save me.’
    • ‘She's a dreamer as well, she wants to find a Prince Charming.’
    • ‘He was all what a Prince Charming was supposed to be and I think it was the effect of the moon, but I found myself in love.’
    • ‘She had to forcibly remind herself that she wasn't looking for a Prince Charming to come rescue her.’
    • ‘I hoped for it, I dreamt of a Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet in a white horse.’
    • ‘I'm tellin’ ya, Alex is going to thank me when she realizes I've spared her the pain of dating, and matched her off to this Prince Charming.’
    • ‘‘What if you're invited to a Winter Ball and some Prince Charming comes up to you and ask you to dance - you can't say, ‘No, I can't because I can't dance!’’
    • ‘Among ballet dancers this is known as ‘ugly-sister syndrome ‘- a fear that the sight of their battered feet will make any Prince Charming run a mile.’’
    • ‘And maybe, just maybe, one day some Prince Charming would come along and sweep her off her feet.’


Partial translation of French Roi Charmant, literally ‘King Charming’.


Prince Charming

/prins ˈCHärmiNG/ /prɪns ˈtʃɑrmɪŋ/