Definition of prison cell in English:

prison cell

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  • A cell in a prison, in which a prisoner is locked.

    ‘he is now languishing in a prison cell’
    • ‘MPs have in the past even fought campaigns from their prison cells.’
    • ‘You get an interesting view of outside society from the inside of a prison cell.’
    • ‘A father charged with the murder of his six-year-old son was today found dead in his prison cell, having apparently committed suicide.’
    • ‘Instead, he will watch his fellow classmates graduate from his prison cell.’
    • ‘Exactly a week later he was found suspended by a ligature in his prison cell.’
    • ‘He discovered her sipping a typical childhood treat of cola in a cramped prison cell.’
    • ‘The only good housing solution for habitual sex offenders is a prison cell.’
    • ‘Martin was stabbed to death in his prison cell in 1972.’
    • ‘Making a movie of a book set in a claustrophobic South American prison cell populated by two people couldn't have been easy.’
    • ‘They're the ones sitting in prison cells across our country!’
    • ‘Right now, there is a man in a Moscow prison cell who is accustomed to better amenities.’
    • ‘Hines died of cancer alone in a prison cell, aged 55, early this month.’
    • ‘Hussein watched the proceedings from his prison cell in an undisclosed location.’
    • ‘Even in a prison cell, a lot of news gets through.’
    • ‘Three years in a prison cell hardly helped Tyson reclaim his former skills.’
    • ‘Jeffrey Archer was last night returning to his prison cell following his first day of work at a theatre on day release from jail.’
    • ‘The prison cells are designed to accommodate two to three prisoners.’
    • ‘This was a simple dream: I was sitting alone in a prison cell.’
    • ‘He is now sharing a prison cell with 16 other people.’
    • ‘A prison cell is one of the only unfamiliar places in the world where he might feel safe.’