Definition of private label in English:

private label


North American
  • Denoting a product manufactured or packaged for sale under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer.

    ‘private label cheeses’
    • ‘About 13 percent of its business is private label.’
    • ‘Whether private label or branded, private label yogurt is like a sailboat in a calm sea.’
    • ‘I instructed our staff to buy a database that would give us more information about the loan quality of private label mortgage-backed securities.’
    • ‘Smaller private label carbonated soft drinks, which have a tiny market share, have been hit hard by the overall decline in the market, with their value sales down 71 %.’
    • ‘With respect to juice production, Santee manufactures a multitude of private label and branded juice products.’
    • ‘Irish Seaspray is a leading Irish exporter of private label smoked salmon to European and American markets.’
    • ‘About half the food service market segment is private label and the government market segment is considered brand label.’
    • ‘Retailers need a license to make claims on private label or store-owned brands.’
    • ‘And in our case, the product is superior to the brand - one of our private label spreads, for instance, has one third more cheese content than the national brand.’
    • ‘That consumer is able to discern that there are quite often not many differences between private label and branded products.’
    • ‘By the end of the nineteenth century Scott Paper Company was producing private label brands for over 2000 customers.’
    • ‘The source control drawing was our principal method of controlling the private label product.’
    • ‘The engineers must also be able to associate the documentation with the private label product.’
    • ‘We will be introducing our own line of private label water.’
    • ‘Leagues also are dealing with the changing landscape by trying their hand at private label merchandise.’
    • ‘Finally, dairy producers must combat the threat of value dilution posed by private label products.’
    • ‘The top three subcategories are also the largest three private label segments.’
    • ‘Troubled economic times combined with increasingly sophisticated consumer tastes are also driving private label growth.’
    • ‘The three hottest growth categories for private label cheese already carry higher-than-average market shares.’
    • ‘We have grown our share of the private label market from 20 percent to about 28 percent.’


North American
  • A retailer's name, as used on a product sold by the retailer but manufactured by another company.

    ‘the yogurt is sold under their private label’
    • ‘Younger people are much more predisposed towards private labels then older people.’
    • ‘In the cream liqueur segment we produce a lot of private labels for supermarket chains right around the world.’
    • ‘Prices on the private labels are lower, from $0.60 to $0.80.’
    • ‘Private labels also have much more of a margin for profit.’
    • ‘The private labels come in at a more moderate price level.’
    • ‘Some of that product is bottled for private labels.’
    • ‘Another area to consider is the strength of private labels in your brand's category.’
    • ‘More than 3,000 manufacturers showcase over 5,000 brands and private labels.’
    • ‘But if anybody has the market muscle to make a good private label, they do!’
    • ‘These hard discounters that include Lidl, Aldi and Netto will often stock a range of 1,000 private labels at very competitive prices.’
    • ‘Until recently, big global brands didn't lose much sleep over private labels.’
    • ‘The company specializes in private labels that cost as much as 30 percent less than national brands.’
    • ‘Schneider manufactures and sells string cheeses and cheese sticks under its own brand name and private labels.’
    • ‘The plant processed fluid and bulk condensed milk, and sold milk under Burger Dairy and private labels.’
    • ‘Turner produces more than 500 different products and manufactures and distributes milk for Forest Hill, Coleman and an assortment of private labels.’
    • ‘Its products are sold both under the Gold Kist Farms brand name and under supermarket private labels.’
    • ‘That's because Wal-Mart, too, is continuing to expand its private labels.’
    • ‘There is clearly an advantage when your private label carries your banner name; it's just symbiotic.’
    • ‘For that matter, money is a key issue when it comes to private label.’
    • ‘Some retailers prefer private label because of higher margins and greater control of merchandising.’