Definition of privatism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprīvəˌtizəm/ /ˈpraɪvəˌtɪzəm/


  • A tendency to be concerned with ideas or issues only insofar as they affect one as an individual.

    • ‘The communal life embodied in the vine and the branches image presents a strong challenge to contemporary Western models of individual autonomy and privatism.’
    • ‘Neoliberalism with its emphasis on market forces narrows the legitimacy of the public sphere by redefining it around the related issues of privatism, consumption, and safety.’
    • ‘Until now, few scholars have specified the role of the ideology of privatism in determining the programmatic shape and local implementation of urban renewal or have examined the impact of the program on metropolitan development.’
    • ‘Many have written about the narcissism in our poetry as a sign of indulging in privatism; but since redemption or salvation is primarily individual (and increasingly removed from culture), religiosity also attenuates that privatism.’
    • ‘Contrasting the family's real emotional needs to the empty show of professional performance is a piece of ideological privatism that excludes from the real such things as the need for respect and connection to the larger community.’
    • ‘But there's also an element of privatism in the newer, in the contemporary master plan community model.’



/ˈprīvəˌtizəm/ /ˈpraɪvəˌtɪzəm/