Definition of privatizer in English:


(British privatiser)

Pronunciation /ˈprīvəˌtīzər/ /ˈpraɪvəˌtaɪzər/


See privatize

  • ‘Those performing well get three stars, while those performing poorly get no extra cash and the threat of being taken over by privatisers within three months.’
  • ‘The success in Glasgow should spur on resistance to the privatisers throughout the public services.’
  • ‘Alternatively, privatizers can unhappily admit that future stock returns will be much lower than they have been claiming.’
  • ‘Labour's privatisers are now turning their attention to primary care.’
  • ‘Fortunately, as our strike last month showed, we have the power to take on the privatisers and win.’



/ˈprīvəˌtīzər/ /ˈpraɪvəˌtaɪzər/