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privy council


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  • A body of advisers or private counselors appointed by a sovereign or a governor general (now chiefly on an honorary basis and including present and former government ministers).

    ‘The Privy Council is an unelected body; constitutionally it is answerable only to the reigning monarch.’
    • ‘The reference by the Prime Minister to the Privy Council is merely a sop to overactive consciences.’
    • ‘I have noted that there have been no appointments to the Privy Council in terms of members of this House.’
    • ‘First, this Government dropped the Privy Council and established the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The survey of the Paul Cree reserve by Indian Affairs was presented to the Privy Council of Canada in 1921.’
    • ‘The Government did not even take it to the Privy Council.’
    • ‘The matter may well be taken to the Privy Council, and may be overturned by the Privy Council, as has been the recent experience.’
    • ‘We saw that with the Supreme Court Bill, where the Government abolished appeal rights to the Privy Council.’
    • ‘But this Government for ideological reasons decided not to appeal to the Privy Council.’
    • ‘The Government scrapped our links with the Privy Council with a tiny majority.’
    • ‘The first is the withdrawal from the Privy Council of most of the Commonwealth countries.’
    • ‘As I recall, the first bill to remove the appeal right to the Privy Council was introduced by the National Party when I was in this House.’
    • ‘Is the Minister aware of any country in the world that has held a referendum prior to abolishing the right of appeal to the Privy Council?’
    • ‘It is not only the fact that so few countries remain with the Privy Council that makes change urgent here.’
    • ‘It is not clear from the Privy Council report that even those remarks would not get a member into trouble in terms of a defamation case.’
    • ‘In 1993 the Privy Council told the Crown that it had a duty actively to protect Maoritanga, which includes language and culture.’
    • ‘There is also a case before the Privy Council at this very time on the issue of meat quota, because there are those within the industry who say it was not fairly allocated.’
    • ‘But I am sure he is aware that the cost of administering the Privy Council is met by British taxpayers - his countrymen.’
    • ‘Currently, there are 15 countries with access to the Privy Council.’
    • ‘The fact that the issue has been to the Court of Appeal, and may in fact end up at the Privy Council, shows there are important property rights at stake here.’