Definition of pro-ana in English:



  • (of a website) encouraging or advocating anorexia.

    ‘pro-ana sites share tips on how to trick your parents into believing you're eating’
    • ‘They naively believe that their words do not influence others, but I have read the following sentence on an online diary: ‘I think I might cut up my gums so it hurts to eat so I won't want to; I saw that on a pro-ana site.’’
    • ‘Some pro-ana websites feature anorexia prayers and sacrifice rituals.’
    • ‘Adults are free to use these products anyway they wish, but isn't there an implied sponsorship of the pro-ana mindset by having these ads on these sites?’
    • ‘Kirsty's parents, Joanne and Martin, have desperately tried to stop her using pro-ana chatrooms where sufferers swap tips on starvation and exercise.’
    • ‘If I continue to neglect the gym, I'm just going to have to go pro-ana.’



/prōˈanə/ /proʊˈænə/