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  • Advocating legalized abortion.

    Compare with pro-life

    ‘a pro-choice demonstration’
    • ‘It has become something of a given, not least among many who are pro-choice, that later abortions are mostly the result of a lack of access to early abortion.’
    • ‘Both sides of the abortion issue are really pro-choice, the dispute is over when the choice has been made.’
    • ‘She was planning to discuss health care, not her pro-choice stance on abortion, aides said.’
    • ‘The former New York mayor is pro-gay rights and pro-choice on abortion.’
    • ‘I am pro-choice on the abortion for some very simple reasons.’
    • ‘I don't have to approve of every single abortion to remain determinedly pro-choice.’
    • ‘Plenty of people who are personally opposed to abortion are still pro-choice.’
    • ‘The latest trial has sparked a renewed drive by pro-choice activists for abortion law reform.’
    • ‘He is nominally in support of affirmative action programmes for minorities in America and pro-choice in the abortion debate.’
    • ‘Supporters of access to abortion describe themselves as pro-choice; opponents as pro-life.’
    • ‘Clinton said he was pro-choice while restricting abortion rights.’
    • ‘Unless you have a pro-choice doctor with hospital privileges willing to perform an abortion, you will have to travel.’
    • ‘Lazio, for example, is generally thought to be pro-choice, even though he has voted against late-term abortions.’
    • ‘The most powerful statement on abortion in recent times comes from a pro-choice British film-maker.’
    • ‘He endorses a hard line on abortion in the platform, but he welcomes pro-choice people in the party.’
    • ‘The issue of the day was abortion, and me being fairly pro-choice, I decided to go for the difficult option, and argue against.’
    • ‘The pro-choice movement puts the freedom to choose as their top priority.’
    • ‘Politicians who say they are pro-choice on abortion should argue that abortion is a fact of life, and for the reform of abortion law.’
    • ‘Firstly, I feel that I am pro-choice in that I believe women have the right to choose whether they want to have kids or not.’
    • ‘Currently, a number of court and legal proceedings have further eroded the pro-choice movement.’



/prōˈCHois/ /proʊˈtʃɔɪs/