Definition of pro tanto in English:

pro tanto

Pronunciation /ˌprō ˈtantō/ /ˌproʊ ˈtæntoʊ/


  • Done or existing to a given extent.

    ‘failure to assume this responsibility could result in a lawsuit or in a pro tanto taking of property’
    • ‘As to ‘poorer countries’, many of which are source nations, the orderly marketing of surplus cultural objects could pro tanto displace the black market while providing a significant source of income to the source nation and its citizens.’
    • ‘The availability of this restitutionary remedy which would pro tanto discharge any liability on the judgment debtor's bank account meant that the bank would not be liable to pay twice and a garnishee order absolute was, therefore, made.’
    • ‘To the extent that parents have a responsibility to support their adult dependent children, the parents' burden of support is lightened pro tanto with the adult child's ability to support himself.’
    • ‘But when he sues as agent or as trustee for another person, or when he sues wholly or in part for another person, any defence or set-off available against that person may be raised, pro tanto, against the holder.’
    • ‘Is this a pro tanto repeal of section 61 of the Constitution?’


  • To such an extent; to that extent.

    • ‘when prices are falling the real interest rate is pro tanto increased’


Latin, literally ‘for so much’.