Definition of probability theory in English:

probability theory


  • The branch of mathematics that deals with quantities having random distributions.

    ‘His main research topics were number theory, probability theory and mathematical statistics.’
    • ‘At that time, few mathematicians regarded probability theory as an authentic mathematical field, in the same strict sense that they regarded differential and integral calculus.’
    • ‘Her work at this time was on statistics, in particular probability theory, and also on the mathematical theory of plasticity.’
    • ‘I was appointed Professor of Mathematics to raise the profile of probability theory (but not statistics) in the Faculty of Mathematics.’
    • ‘The mathematical concepts of set theory or even probability theory are useful tools for logically and thoroughly analyzing the outcome of an election.’


probability theory

/ˌpräbəˈbilədē ˈTHiərē/ /ˌprɑbəˈbɪlədi ˈθɪəri/ /ˈTHirē/ /ˈθɪri/